Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog post #2

Did you know

The Did you know video provided mind blowing facts about how technology has grown over the years. The most overwhelming fact to me was how much the number of internet devices has increased just in the past 30 years. Also many people dont realize how much technology is needed and makes a huge impact on our everyday lives.

I think this video is not neccesarily meant to scare or threaten future educators but to enlighten them on what is to come. Future educators will not be like todays educators and definetly nothing like the educators from just a couple of years ago. Children need to grow with the technology and its our responsibility to get the job done!

Mr. Winkle Wakes
Mathew Needleman's video Mr. Winkle Wakes shows how our school have already failed to stay in tact with our technology in the world. Mr. Winkle wakes up after 100 years to find everything confuses him except the school. He feels very uncomfortable everywhere he visits except when he visits the school he realizes its the only place that hasn't changed and he feels at ease.

Sadly, I have to say I agree with Mr. Needleman's commentary because it is exactly right. Our technology is completly past our teaching plans in todays classrooms. We should start planning today on how we will prevent this crisis from continuing any longer than it has to. Unfrotunatly the main problem is money in the schools systems. If we start now I believe we can change things for the future educators and students to prevent them from feeling like Mr. Winkle.

Sir Ken Robinson: The importance of Creativity
In this video Robinson really points out how todays schools take away a child's natural creativity. Creativity is supposed to be one of the main factors a kid is alloud to learn with and can be very affective in how children learn. Schools internationally are teaching kids to be "right" and be so scared to be wrong that they can't even remember to put creativity into place. The kind of habbits our teachers get into are so repetitive and boring that students let their creativity drift away without even noticing.

I completly agree with Robinson's opinion on this matter. Our way of teaching is structured towards strictly getting the right answers. From day one tests are the main focus. Although there are many good ideas out there to break this pattern im worried they won't be able to follow through because of the pressure put on by the administrative staff. So much weight is put on teachers because everyone wants to have the perfect grade, the perfect score, the perfect student. All the pressure takes away from all the importance creativity has. I think if better methods could be used to equalize creativity and testing children would not only enjoy learning but learn more effectivly.

A vision for 21st Century Learning
In A vision for 21st learning The authors show how technology flooded our world with all types continual networking and global connectedness. Today an average teenager's technical experience is way more advanced than the past generations. Even a one year old's expeience is far more advanced.
So many kids live for technology and depend on it everyday for other things than education.
From another point of view, the children that pick up skills and learn from technology will be smarter than the ones who don't. Lectures and memorizing will not prepare them for our world to come. I think our entire education system should start over from scratch and think about what learners need in todays world. I'm scared this won't ever be the case since it's already past due to re-create the sytems.

Harness your student's Digital Smarts
Vicki Davis makes an excellent point about technology and how it's meant for some but not everyone. She also talks about how a teacher doesnt have to know everything about something before she can teach it. "Turning school upside-down" is a scenario when she allows the student to take lead in many situations. This way they feel in charge of themselves and not overwhelmed.

I love how Ms. Davis not only is obviously an excellent teacher but she actually wants to make an impact in her students lives and wants to make an impact. I have no doubt that her students will all be very productive and thankful that they had her as a teacher. This video is a fine example of what all teachers should follow in order to better school systems.


Thursday, January 26, 2012



Blog assignment 1

I was born in Panama City Florida and throughout my life I’ve lived in Little Rock Arkansas (as well as other small towns in Arkansas.) Following that I lived in Shreveport Louisiana (as well as other small towns in Louisiana.) I also lived in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Then I Lived in Memphis Tennessee for a few years and finally I moved to Ocean Springs Mississippi. No I’m not an army brat, that’s what most people ask. I have grown up around kids all my life and have grown to love them. That is why I am in this class to further my elementary education degree. I’ve had many jobs since I was sixteen and my favorite job was working at the daycare caring for newborns to two year olds and also coaching games for older kids at a gym. My best friend is going to USA for teaching as well so we decided to both move to Mobile from Ocean Springs and attend USA. My other interest besides kids is fitness. I hope to be a fitness trainer one day on the side of teaching. This is not my first time blogging but it is my first time blogging with this website so it’s a little different.